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ROE ES / EH / ETA Series

ROE ES / EH / ETA Series Rotary Optical Encoder is a sensor that converts machinery positional information into corresponding pulse numbers or digital data by photoelectric signals. Therefore, it can detect the speed, position, angular velocity, distance and counts information relating to mechanical machine Our Incremental Optical Encoders provide low cost, smaller physical size, […]


         Range 1 ph/220 volts : 6W to 90W 3 ph/200 volts : 25W to 90W     Features Application     Induction Motor   Continuous ratings. Wide variety of products. Suitable for general use. Vending Machines. Conveyors, Displays. Insertion Machines.     Reversible Motors   30 minute rating. Instant reversible rotation. […]


ASDA A2 Series delta make servo High Speed Communication Type Features High resolution of encoder(20 bit). Built-in-High-speed network modules (CAN open, FlexRay). Built-in 64 internal single-axis control position Mode. More powerful internal single-axis control position Mode. Range 1Ph / 3Ph – 220V . 100 kW to 3 kW.



Minas E Series Space saving with high performance Features Exclusive design for positioning with super compact frame size. Real time, auto gain tuning for position control and velocity control. To reduce mechanical resonance. Anti-Vibration control system. Easy – to set console. High functionality. 2500P/r incremental encoder with 10000 resolution. CE and UL compliance. IP65 compliant […]


Minas A4N Series ` 100Mbps Network Servo Drive Features 100Mbps Communication. Compact & Small with High Performance. Real time communication. 100Mbps Full duplex. 0.5ms cycle with up to 32 axes. Max. 60m length inter node-cable. All axes synchronization for interpolation. Parameter setting and monitoring. Low cost system with Less wiring. High noise immunity (IEC61000-4-4 compliant). […]



Minas A4 Series ` Much quicker and more precise Features 2Mpps of high speed pulse input as a standard. Installation of new advance real time auto gain tuning. Further downsizing in driver and motor. High functionality damping control to supperss resonance of even a low stiffness board. 1KHz of velocity response frequency. Full colsed control […]



Minas A4P Series ` Simple positioning control Features Fastest Servo core from A4 Series. Positioning with I/O Combination. Simple & Low-cost system without using a positioning unit or a pulse generator. Can be connected with Absolute Encoder. Simple Operation by console. I/F command type with built in positioning. 60 points by 6 bit input & […]

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