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CO2 Laser Marker LP – 300

            CO2 Laser Marker LP – 300 Corresponding Standards DESCRIPTION New entry-level model for laser marking Entry price achieved Basic functions, such as “lot number”, “serial number”, “date of manufacture”, “counter” and “logo”, have been adopted. This enables us to provide the product with an initial cost that is reasonable […]


We are engaged in Industrial Process Automation, PLC, SCADA, Instrumentation &  Turnkey Jobs.   We Are Manufacturing —       — PLC CONTROL PANELS          —SCADA CONTROL PANELS                     —PROCESS CONTROL PANELS      — HEATING COOLING PANELS     — AC DRIVE / SERVO DRIVE CONTROL PANELS     —STEPPER CONTROL PANELS    —COSTUMISE PANELS       […]

Power Supply (SMPS)

Power Supply (SMPS)                    Features       CE Approved. Overload & Short circuit protection. 100% Full Load Burn-in Test. High Efficiency. Low Ripple & Noise High Quality & Reliability. Surface / Din rail mounting available. 1.5 Years Warranty. All Models available ex-stock PANEL MOUNT   24V Series   […]

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CO2 Laser Marker LP – 400

          CO2 Laser Marker LP – 400 Corresponding Standards DESCRIPTION Performance, functionality, quality, operability. The high-grade LP-400 CO2 laser marker delivers, meeting needs ranging from marking to processing. High-speed marking at 700 cps Adopting a high-speed galvanoscanner and the advanced technology necessary to realize high-speed marking makes it possible to mark […]

FAYb Laser Marker LP-W

    FAYb Laser Marker for Semiconductor Packages LP-W Corresponding Standards DESCRIPTION Generates super-small marking that is vivid and uniform, making it ideal for low-profile packages. Clear marking It’s critical that marking on low-profile electronic components such as chip-size packages has little effect on the target object. Laser output control and a hige-speed galvanoscanner make […]


  FAYb Laser Marker LP-V Corresponding Standards DESCRIPTION Innovative fiber laser (FAYb) markers dramatically improve productivity and offer broad advantages over conventional laser marking technologies High-speed marking at 700 cps Contributes to productivity improvement Laser Marker LP-V series, on which super high-speed marking is possible, greatly contributes to productivity improvement by shortening the takt time. […]

Hestia Series – L.I

Hestia Series – L.I The Hestia Line-interactive 600VA UPS provides power protection for your PC, laptop, POS and home appliances. Even under severe power conditions, the Hestia UPS can operate in “super mode” to adapt to conditions and reduce the probability of using the battery. The Hestia UPS has a user-replaceable battery design. You can easily […]

GAIA Series (5-11KVA)

GAIA Series (5-11KVA)   Specifications : Features : Power rating: 5 and 7KVA (2U), 11KVA (3U). Double conversion technology. Standard 19 inches rack / tower type. Parallel redundancy without need of extra hardware to increase reliability in a cost effective way. Wide input voltage range and stable power supply extending battery life-time. High input power […]

NT Series (20 -4000 kVA)

    NT Series (20 -4000 kVA) Technical Specifications :   Power Ratings : 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 180 kVA (3:1)* 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 / 160 / 200 / 260 / 320 / 400 / 500 kVA […]

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