Type 2 light curtain for light machine safeguarding applications


  • High speed 15ms response regardless of the number of channels
  • Up to 3 sets can be serially connected
  • Digital error indicator for easy maintenance


With the SF2B series of safety light curtains, SUNX has built off of the successful features of previous models to create an easily integrated, Type 2 solution, all within one of the smallest packages on the market. Multiple protection heights range from 168mm to 1.9 Meters The no dead zone design ensures that the light curtain can be placed on the inside frame of your machine, thus creating a more efficient integration, with less potential for damage to the unit from an external source. The SF2B series has a universal 15ms response time, regardless of the number of channels, the beam axis pitch, or the number of units connected in series. The result is a simplification of the calculation work involved in setting safety distances on your machine. The response time, coupled with the ultra small beam pitch of the finger protection type, allows for installation of the light curtain much closer to danger point than a conventional model.


SUNX categorhy 2 Light Curtain ARM/FOOT TYPE (40MM PITCH) PNP OUTPUT SENSING HEIGHT 552MM Additional Part Information
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