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NX-5 SERIES AC/DC drive photoelectric sensors with 1 form C relay contact   Compact design Multi voltage Hermetically sealed Relay Long range thru-beam version   The NX5 series of photoelectric sensors offers a free ranging voltage input along with a 1 form C relay output. Almost any power supply can be used due to the […]


VF SERIES Universal voltage photoelectric sensor with terminal connection   Terminal connection provides for simple maintenance Models with timer functions available Relay output   The VF series is a multi-voltage photoelectric sensor with a convenient terminal block that offers quick and easy connection. Because of the free-range voltage input, this series can be used with […]


SU-7 SERIES Amplifier separate push button teach photoelectric sensor       The SU-7/SH series of photoelectric sensors is a slim, compact separate amplifier detection solution for a wide range of applications. The 10mm thick slim amplifier offers simple, easy to use automatic threshold setting. Nine advanced functions are also available such as limit sensitivity […]


  RX-LS200 SERIES Background suppression sensor with robust, die-cast enclosure   Background suppression IR light source Die-cast housing   The RX-LS200 series of photoelectric sensors provides a background suppression solution for accurate detection of various targets. The sensor is not affected by dust, color, or background due to the PSD with mechanical lens. The die-cast, […]


  EQ-500 SERIES 2.5 Meter distance long range background/foreground suppression   Multi-voltage type available Stable detection (not affected by color or glossiness of targets) Built-in timer function   The EQ-500 series of photoelectric sensors provides a long-range diffuse reflective solution that is suitable for applications where it is not feasible to get close to the […]

EQ-30 Series

  EQ-30 Series 2 Meter distance long range background/foreground suppression     The EQ-30 series photoelectric sensors provides a long-range back ground suppression solution that is suitable for applications where it is not feasible to get close to the sensing object. The sensor is impervious to changes in an object’s angle, gloss, or even color, […]


  EX-30 SERIES Threaded miniature photoelectric sensor   An alternative to fiber sensors Threaded tip for simple installations Diffuse includes sensitivity adjuster for easy set-up   The EX-30 series of photoelectric sensors offers a fresh new alternative to traditional fiber optic sensors. Unparalleled in its ease of installation, this sensor is highly effective for basic […]


  EX-20 SERIES Ultra small photoelectric sensors with integrated sensitivity adjuster   Front and side sensing options Up to 2 meter range with thru-beam version Convergent and diffuse version with narrow LED beam   The EX-20 series reaches the pinnacle of sensor miniaturization. By fabricating the photo-diode and the A/D conversion circuit on the same […]


  EX-10 SERIES Ultra slim photoelectric sensors that are great for embedded applications   Self contained amplifier built in only 3.5mm thick Front sensing and side sensing versions Up to 1M range for front sensing thru-beam version   The EX-10 series is one of the smallest sensors on the market today. The ultra small size […]


RT-610 SERIES For use in registration mark and limit sensing applications   Heavy duty, die-cast enclosure U-shaped fork sensor Sensitivity adjustment for detecting registration marks on labels 3 different sizes each with Red, Green, and IR light source for wide variety of applications   The RT-610 series is a highly robust U-shaped photoelectric sensor that […]