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  FX-500 SERIES Digital fiber sensor     The FX-500 is a highly advanced digital fiber sensor with high end features and a class leading stability and performance. An exclusive detection ASIC, designed specifically for the FX-500, is capable of processing ultra high-speed calculations while offering a long sensing range. Due to the impressive capabilities […]


  FX-400 SERIES Digital fiber sensor   Manual adjustment coupled with a dual digital display for quick and easy setup Multi-turn clutched potentiometer with digital display for easy set-up Improved emitted light stability with 4 chemical LED Multiple colored LED Options for solving wide range of applications   The FX-400 series of hi power digital […]


FX-300 SERIES Digital fiber sensor   High performance Fiber optic sensor with intuitive set-up and advanced functions Incorporates user friendly push button jog dial switch and large mode selection button Large easy to read display Optional communication modules for flexible interfacing and remote maintenance   The FX-300 series of digital fiber optic sensors offers a […]


FX-100 SERIES Digital fiber sensor   Low cost, dual display fiber amplifiers are perfect for basic fiber applications Simple set-up and confirmation with Dual Digital Display Space Saving design with a Width of only 9mm Stable light intensity with 4 chemical LED Design   The FX-100s ultra-slim design features a 9mm width and integrated mounting […]