DTE Series

DTE Series   Features DTE series is a multi-channel modular temperature controller, supporting maximum 8 groups of thermocouple/platinum resistance input. The DIN rail installation saves wires, and the controller on each channel can work independently at the same time. DTE offers several output modules (relay, voltage pulse, current output and linear voltage output). The built-in 2-wire […]

DTD Series

DTD Series   Features Improved hardware capability, enhanced software and competitiveness, key operation and parameter display are handier than those in DTA and DTB.   Specifications ‧Offering PID, ON/OFF, manual and PID programmable control, for multiple applications. ‧Built-in with various kinds of sensors, for flexible switching. ‧A group of alarm outputs with 8 modes, for more choices […]

DTC Series

DTC Series   Features The modulized DTC series saves wiring and the parallel modules are able to monitor many temperature points. The flexible output methods enable the user to plan the output modes according to the actual needs. The built-in password protection prevents improper operation or damages caused by the operation staff.   Specifications ‧PID / On-Off […]

DTV Series

 DTV Series   Features Designed for the electron valve market, user-friendly, easy to set up and use, competitive, built-in with Modbus, simple data acquisition.   Specifications ‧Single key for switching between auto and manual mode. ‧Additional left key for adjusting the number, making parameter settings faster and handier. ‧Displaying output percentage for the user to acquire the […]

DTA Series

 DTA Series   Features DTA series is designed for practical applications with 3 most-frequently adopted signal outputs in the industry and is built-in with various handy functions and transmission structure, ensuring fast and stable transmission of data.   Specifications ‧PID / On-Off/ manual input control modes ‧Auto-tuning PID parameters ‧Various thermocouple (B, E, J, K, L, N, […]

DTB Series

  DTB Series   Features Compared with DTA series, DTB is additionally equipped with linear voltage signal output and dual output control, capable of executing heating and cooling controls simultaneously in a temperature control system and fast reaching the target temperature.   Specifications ‧PID / On-Off / manual input / programmable control modes ‧2 groups of outputs to […]