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 SELECT YOUR PRODUCT MINAS A5 servo drives View Details Ultra-high response frequency: 2kHz bandwidth Command input and pulse output: up to 4Mpps Real-time auto-gain tuning 4 notch filters: manual/auto 4 damping filters: manual/auto PANATERM V5.0 software upgrade with motion simulation STO safety function complies with European standards Low interference MINAS A5E servo drives High performance […]

MINAS A5E servo drives

High performance (same as MINAS A5 standard drives) Multifunctional (same as MINAS A5 standard drives) Attractive price-performance ratio Designed exclusively for positioning control

MINAS A5 servo drives

Real-time auto-gain tuning Manual and auto notch filters Manual and auto damping filters 4Mpps input/output pulse 20-bit encoder; 1.04 million pulses per revolution 2kHz response frequency Low cogging torque Examples for MSM or MDM A4 series A5 series Weight reduction MSM 1kW 4.5kg 3.5kg 1kg MSM 2kW 6.5kg 5.3kg 1.2kg MDM 1kW 6.8kg 5.2kg 1.6kg […]

ASDA-A+ Series

Features   — Delta make AC Servo drive The A+ series is a new type of omnibearing integrated servo system with advanced functions. It is able to combine with medium / high servo motors from 3kW to 7.5kW ( torque output from 19.1 N-M to 47.74 N-M) and is equipped with incremental 20-bit (1280000 ppr) optical […]

ASDA-B Series

Features  — Delta make AC Servo drive The B series is a digital servo system with standard functions. It provides built-in Position / Speed / Torque control modes and supports pulse command input and analog signal control. Parameters editing and operation is done via an optional handheld digital keypad. The gain tuning function allows easy […]

ASDA-B2 Series

Delta make A.C. Servo drive To meet the requirements of general-purpose machine tools and enhance the competitive advantage in the industrial automation market, Delta Electronics, Inc. is pleased to announce that the new high-performance and cost-effective ASDA-B2 series servo motors and drives has launched into the market. The power rating of the ASDA-B2 series is […]

ASDA-AB Series

Features –Delta make ac servo drive The AB series is a high performance digital servo system with advanced functions and supports various motor options including low, medium and high inertia servo motors to meet different application needs. It offers many motion control functionalities for a wide range of industry and machine applications, as well as […]

C2000 Series

 Features The VFD-C2000 series is a high-level field oriented control AC motor drive with a high-performance variable-frequency technology, FOC control. It features versatile driving controls, modular design, wide variety of applications, easy maintenance, low malfunction rate, self diagnosis and competitive market price and brings customers not only the high-efficiency construction but also the most economic […]

DVP-SX2 Series

Features The 2nd generation DVP-SX2 series slim type PLC offers 14 digital points and built-in 12-bit analog I/O points. It is extendable with DVP-S series left-side and right-side extension modules Specifications ‧MPU points: 20 (8DI/6DO, 4AI/2AO) ‧Max. I/O points: 494 (14 + 480) ‧Program capacity: 16k steps ‧COM port: Built-in RS-232, RS-485 & USB ports, […]

DVP-SS2 Series

  Features The 2nd generation DVP-SS2 series slim type PLC keeps the basic sequential control functions from the DVP-SS series PLC but with faster execution speed and enhanced real-time monitoring capability. Specifications ‧MPU points: 14 (8DI + 6DO) ‧Max. I/O points: 494 (14 + 480) ‧Program capacity: 8k steps ‧COM port: Built-in RS-232 & RS-485 ports, […]

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